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Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane Shutters protect your windows and doors from water penetration and breakage during hurricanes and Nor’easters bringing you comfort and protection. Even when you are not physically at the location of the storm, rolling shutters can offer you peace of mind. Homes and businesses not equipped with rolling shutters may experience glass breakage and door failures during high winds. Ultimately, those openings in the structure’s envelope can cause complete devastation to the home or business. Once the air pressure enters a building, no matter the type of construction, the likelihood of other windows and doors failing rises. If the pressure grows beyond a certain point, walls and and roof components begin to fail.

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Security Roll Shutters

Security Shutters are one of the best ways to discourage intruders from attempting to enter your home or business. This deterrent measure is just where rolling shutters start. While in the down position, rolling shutters can be locked in place by a motor, gear, keyed switch, or a separate locking device.

Rolling Shutters have been used as security shutters all over the world for decades with incredible success. Sometimes labeled as metal shutters and metal security shutters, they all have subtle differences. These differences can’t be seen with the rolling shutter in the down position.

Security Shutters typically have end-retention pins that lock into the guide rails from the top. These pins are located throughout the entire curtain and are protected from manipulation while the curtain is in the closed position.

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Energy Solar Roll Shutters

Solar Shutters have a double-wall construction and are filled with a specialized polyurethane foam designed to increase R-factor and deflect solar penetration. Many rolling shutters can perform this function, but not all are created equal. The energy efficiency of exterior rolling shutters is up to 95% more effective than interior solar shades. 

Solar Shutters have many unique and positive "side effects" from their dense foam-filled curtain profile. Many homeowners have taken advantage of energy savings by using these types of rolling shutters in both the summer and winter seasons. Reducing heating and air conditioning expenses throughout the entire year is not always our first thought, but many homes and business owners have expressed massive savings. Not only do they block up to 90% of heat gain and loss, they also provide incredible noise control opportunities. 

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Storm Shutters

Storm Shutters are the broad category of Storm Protection products. Of course, they come in all types of sizes, features, and functionality. We have a full line of rolling shutters and storm panels for you to to explore on our website, or we would love for you to swing by one of our showrooms to see live demo models.

Storm Shutters are specifically engineered and designed for high winds and flying debris, and are ultimately given a rating for Hurricane Protection. A little known fact: The most damaging type of wind value is not the force of the wind blowing directly on your home. This force is called positive pressure, and typically, many believe this is the strongest force against their home or business. Believe it or not, the negative pressure, or, the air passing by your windows and doors, has far greater power. Many low-grade storm shutters and hurricane protection products fail under this pressure.

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Privacy Shutters

Privacy Shutters are a great way to close off areas of your home or business from others. Some rolling shutters are equipped with perforations, allowing ambient light to pass through when needed.

Privacy Shutters have many uses and are creatively used throughout the world in homes and businesses for all kinds of reasons. Close off food preparation areas, work shops, stock rooms, gun safes, closets, liquor cabinets, and bars. Some business owners use rolling shutters to close off the outside world after working hours to protect the last few employees as they finish money counts, paperwork, and prepare bank deposits.

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